• This game is under the Fantasy, Strategy & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.
Dawn of Darkness
You awake with a start, sitting upright and screaming, covered in a slick sheen of sweat. A thin blade of light shines through the rickety shutters, but offers little brightness to the dim, grungy room of the hostel.

Your mind quickly runs through the nightmare that awoke you. Stone buildings that touched the sky, full of glass and metal, including monsters that raced around, threatening to bull their way over you and all the others. Steel birds screamed through the sky, faster than any legendary or fabled dragon. And the people! So many people, and dressed queerly, eyes vacant and soulless. They'd brush past one another, and you, and ignore your gaze. In fact, most stared down at some contraption, there thumbs tapped the surface of the device.

You shudder as you throw off the soggy blankets. Others are stirring all around you. This hostel, this grimy and dingy thing full of other travellers and vagabonds, was somehow so much more inviting than the nightmarish world in which you just awoke.

Goosebumps break across your skin. You doubt very much that you'll be able to warm up in this sweat-soaked bed now.

You got in late, and hadn't eaten but once early yesterday. Checking your coin purse, you're disappointed to see the last silver coin staring back from the bottom of the leather satchel.

Both the wet, cold bed, and the growing hunger in your stomach make the decision to rise an easy one.  Also, maybe a hot breakfast will help distract or erase the memory of that horrid nightmare world.