• This game is under the Fantasy & Drama genres.
  • The game system is Free-form.
  • This game contains adult content.
Academie de Umbra
The Shadow Academy, as it is often known, was founded over 900 years ago following the rise of the Warlock Reznagon. He was eventually put down, but not before it became painfully clear that the races of the world were ill equipped to deal with the forces magic could bring to bare.The brave heroes and heroines came together and founded the Academy, a place cloaked in secrets and hearsay, and begun a legacy of training those who could fight back against the stranger things of the land.

Fortunately, it has only had to bring the full might of the Ordo Umbra - the collection of students - to bare a couple of times, most notably when the Dragon Numinax awakened. For most, it is a place to learn exceptional skills and hone unique talents. The students who arrive at the Academy are always chosen by another member, often guided by the 'shadows of fate' as it is said. One cannot seek out the Academy, they must be sought by it.

For those that are selected, years, and sometimes decades of rigorous training follows. It is a hard life, but an incredible one, as they are cast in rank and file with the great races of the world. No where else would elves, dwarves, and men stand side by side, as true brothers and sisters in arms. The members do not practice magic, per se, for magic is a dangerous and tempting path to damnation... but many have tricks and knacks that are yet another tool in a very versatile bag. Those that survive with body and mind intact become the world's great bastion against that which stands just beyond the light.

A Personal Story