• This game is under the Fantasy, Contemporary & Drama genres.
  • The game system is Based (loosely) on Don't Rest Your Head and City of Mist.
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.

agency noun
agenĚ​cy | \ ˈā-jən(t)-sē

1. the office or function of an agent.
2. the capacity, condition, or state of
exerting power.
3. a person or thing through which power
is exerted or an end is achieved.

mantle noun
manĚ​tle | \ ˈman-tᵊl

1. a figurative cloak symbolizing authority.
2. something that covers, enfolds, or envelops.
3. a lacy hood of some refractory material that
provides light when placed over a flame.

Mantles (or Mantles in the Dreaming City and What They Found There, if we want to be pedantic) is a world-building game about mysteries, emerging powers, and inner conflict.

Something happened to the world, few know what, why, or even when.  In fact, most people don't even think much at all; they go about their lives, day to day, work, play, rest, repeat, never realizing things were ever any different or ever could be different.

Maybe you didn't know either, but that was then.  This is now and whether you admit it or not, you're an Agent, the worldly expression of an otherworldly dream.

Inside you is the shard of an idea, a story needing someone to help it be told.  Whether you intended to or not, you've taken up its mantle.  Through you, creation casts its shadow on the walls of reality, and it will not be ignored.

Who and what are you playing in Mantles?

Anyone who has ever played a character with multiple personalities knows how much fun it can be.  So why not have a game where everyone has multiple personalities?  Enter, your Mantle.  Your Mantle has its own goals, its own relationships, its own mind.  It just doesn't have a way to manifest in this world without you.  You have your life, your dreams, your own relationships too but now you've got an angel (or devil) on your shoulder trying to get you to do what it wants in order to cast its shadow across The City.

Or not... when the time comes, your Mantle can just be a part of you, like a hand or foot; it's up you.

In either case, you'll be balancing the dual needs of Mantle and Agent.  Your Mantle is a mystic force, a power from some beyond.  This is your supernatural side.  Your Agent is your mundane, human side.  The game will explore the conflict/compatibility of these two aspects in a world struggling to maintain some semblance of order and balance.  Hopefully, it'll be fun.

What is a Mantle?

This is something you'll need to find out for yourself through play, both what a Mantle is generally, and what yours is specifically.

Is this game accepting writers?

This game isn't officially opened yet and hasn't been advertised.  So how did you find it?  That's a good question, we're not asking, but it's still a really good question.  Instead of asking, we're just going to reward your ingenuity in finding us and say that yes, the game is accepting writers.  Shh... don't tell anyone else... it'll be our little secret.

Mantles is a surreal, supernatural horror game of emerging superpowers based on City of Mists, JAGS Wonderland, Dead Inside, Don't Rest Your Head, Lacuna and The Girl from the Blue City, and a number of other sources, from movies and television, comics and games.  Don't worry if you're unfamiliar any of the other sources we may reference.  In fact, the game is intended for players to slowly uncover the mysteries of The City so in many ways, ignorance may be bliss.

The game is freeform in the sense that there is no required plot to follow, however, there will be overarching plots meant to draw characters in (if they wish, and possibly even if they don't).  We might even roll dice now and then, just for fun.

That might not be a lot to go on, but if you're willing to give it a try click here to get there.