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CoC: Blackwater Creek
This is an adaptation of a scenario published by Chaosium Inc. The 7th edition rules will be slightly modified for ease of play via PbP. I'd like everyone to check into the game more or less daily, as I will, and to post four or five times a week, as needed.

September 1926, Arkham, Mass. and environs

While on an archaeological survey of a site near the village of Blackwater Creek in the remote hills between Arkham and Aylesbury, Miskatonic University professor Henry Roades and his wife Abigail have gone missing. Professor Ernest McTavish has asked several people to his office to discuss the matter. All have ties to the university and some are personally acquainted with the Roadeses.

The action takes place not far from Arkham, Massachusetts in September 1926.

There will be six player characters, who should fill one of the following roles:
*Professor (male) of Archaeology or Anthropology at Miskatonic University
*Professor (male or female) of any other discipline at Miskatonic University and a friend of the Roadeses
*Friend (female) of Abigail Roades and (perhaps) wife of one of the professors
*Non-faculty friend (male) of Professor Roades (an outdoorsman)
*Graduate assistant (male or female) of one of the professors, former student of Professor Roades
*Private investigator (male) of Stein Investigations, a firm employed by Miskatonic University

Professor Henry Roades is a native of Arkham and did his undergraduate work at Miskatonic University in Arkham. He obtained graduate degrees in history and archaeology at Amherst College, specializing in the American Colonial era. He returned to M.U. to teach about ten years ago.
In 1917 the U.S. declared war on Germany. Roades took a leave of absence from his position at M.U. to enlist in the U.S. Army. He was assigned to the 104th Regiment of the American Expeditionary Force. During the counterattack at Château-Thierry in May 1918, he lost his right leg to artillery fire and was invalided home and discharged.
He returned to his duties M.U. in 1920, having married his childhood sweetheart, Abigail Bryce. He has been a popular professor with students and faculty. He is still active in the field, despite his war wound.

Abigail Bryce Roades is a native of Arkham and obtained a bachelor’s degree in French Literature from Miskatonic University. She married Henry Roades in 1918. They have no children. Abigail assists her husband with his work, organizing research notes, typing and editing manuscripts, and even going into the field on his digs. Henry often refers to her, affectionately, as his “good right leg.”

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