• This game is under the Fantasy & Medieval genres.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 5e.

In the First Age of the world the gods created life, and it was good. According to their histories, the Dwarves, Yuan-Ti and the clans of Giants were the first races. However, from their records all three races have dreams of the echoes of dragons.

Based on archeological evidence, and fragments of ancient stories among the Dwarves and Yuan-Ti, it also seems likely that the seafaring Ents and the Lizardfolk have lived for about the same amount of time. However, neither of those races have written records and the Ents, at least, seem to experience time differently than the other races.

Some three thousand years later, the First Age ended with the death of one of the gods. The Dweller Near a Stoney Clearing created many of the intelligent races, but in doing so exhausted itself, and it ceased to exist, being known now only in echoes, like the Dragons it had destroyed thousands of years earlier.

Accidentally abandoned by their creator, these races were adopted by other gods, and they flourished. However, the echoes of the Dwellers death amplified the echoes of the Dragons, and a reflection of the Elves, Cerellia, searched for the source of these memories. Cerellia brought the Dragons back to the world and spent the next thousand years spreading them across the world.

During the thousand years of the Second Age many other races were found, trade networks were built and civilization grew. The Second Age ended, though, when the Yuan-Ti left their jungle homes and began enslaving their neighbors. First to fall were the Thri-Kreen and the Kobolds.

The Third Age was an age of war that lasted hundreds of years. It ended with the fall of the Yuan-Ti and their slaves. As they fell, the Yuan-Ti destroyed their network of travel circles, but the energy released destroyed the cities where those circles were located. There are undoubtedly strongholds of Yuan-Ti in the far jungles, but they are unlikely to be a threat for years to come.

We have entered the Fourth Age. Will the alliances built around defeating a common enemy survive? Or will new wars break out?