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Welcome to Evenfall

The dusty road has been unused for nearly a year now. Trash and blood scatter themselves over it where once cars and trailers had moved through. Grass has crept up between the cracks of the asphalt. Vines creep up the chipped speed limit signs, concealing what remained of the paint. Buildings' colors have all but faded, washed away in the unforgiving sun. Windows are broken where once we took a stand. The rotted gore on the sidewalks gives away our failures. Nothing remains inside. Either burned or stolen, perhaps torn apart. The woods at the border have slowly crept forward, the undergrowth swallowing the outlying houses.

Where is everyone?

T he y 're   ri g ht    b e hi nd    yo u . ..


Now that that's out of the way, hi! I'm your GM, CreeperQueen, and as the sign said before, Welcome to Evenfall!
This game is the situational horror set within the zombie Apocalypse. Basically, you're trying to survive while the dead hide just around the corner. Or behind you. Or anywhere, you won't know. Back when I had Amino, I used to do this all the time with my friends, but sadly I can't access them anymore due to crappy system space on my phone. Anyways, we start almost a year into the apocalypse, simply so that it makes sense for there to only be us. And of course, some NPC's. You can be any range of age, so long as you're a human being. You may play up to three it four characters, just so long as you put a specific header in front of the message, like their name and a symbol. Please be kind out of character. If anyone is being rude to you in a private message, contact me and I will give them two warnings before kicking them off of the game. Stay on topic, and try to be realistic in your responses. Should I not respond, I may be unavailable for some reason. Just be patient with me, and understand that we have lives outside of the game that do need to be handled, some more than others. Forgive me for any spelling mistakes, and I eagerly await your arrival! Leave a message once you join and I will get back yo you as soon as possible. Goodbye!