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13:39, 19th June 2024 (GMT+0)

X-Men (R)Evolution

Anti-mutant sentiment has spread through the world like a virulent toxin. The X-men, once proud defenders of humanity and Earth itself, now face an unceasing wave of hatred and oppression. Prejudice and violence against mutantkind, once in the shadows, is now out in the open- and if not openly encouraged, met with a blind eye.

Charles Xavier was one of the first to fall, killed during an attack on the Institute by William Stryker and his Purifiers that also claimed the lives of several other X-Men. Those who survived are now in hiding or trying to live a normal life to the best of their abilities. Now, mutants are either in hiding or in internment camps, with those unfortunate enough to live in more totalitarian governments facing more ominous fates.

Now, three years after the attack on Xavier's Institute, Scott Summers and Emma Frost have opened up a new school to train the next generation of X-Men in the fight to protect what they still hold most dear: Each other. This new school is Haven, and with a few returning X-men to pass the torch and help train the new students, the hope is that the future is brighter than the recent past.

But new challenges are always on the horizon, and the students may find themselves being pressed to action sooner rather than later.


Currently, we are looking for original characters only. (Canon characters will be accepted on a case by case basis if the GM team feels you can give them justice)