• This game is under the Fantasy, Apocalyptic & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 5e.
  • This game contains mature content.

Legends say that the gods have forsaken us.... that they no longer want to deal with watching the races of man continuously squabble for scraps of meaningless power.  Nations constantly rise and fall, from generation to generation, with never a true notion of peace.

Knowing that the races of man only followed the examples of the gods themselves, it was time for a change.  The gods needed to leave, for the races of man to set right the disease that they have become.  The gods wouldn’t make it easy though, the races of man needed to fight for their survival…their last chance.  That is when, “The Cleansing” ensued.

At first it started off slow...most thinking it nothing more than an earthquake or a nearby volcanic eruption.  But it continued to get stronger... and stronger...and STRONGER.   That’s when it happened.

The cataclysm showed the TRUE power of the gods.  Entire cities were hurled like leaves in a tempest, lakes and oceans were completely drained leaving giant craters in the earth, fissures split open swallowing up towns and villages, entire continents shifted thousands of miles and crashed into each other, ripping themselves from where they once were; Towns were buried alive, while others plummeted into bottomless chasms; Mountains were up-rooted with ease, as if newly sprouted saplings and thrown in anger...one even landing upside down, its peak piercing the earth a mile deep.

The ancient race of titans, behemoths that seemed as tall as the very mountains, tried to come to our aid.  Whether it was out of pity for the races of man or for their one chance to show the gods their own power, no one knows for sure.  In the end though, they were no match against the gods.
It seemed as if no one could possibly survive such a catastrophe…

But some did.

Those that survived now shared a common bond...a kinship.  Some people came together, even despite their previous differences, as only one race exists in this new world...the race of SURVIVORS.  Yet the fighting and confusion left their marks, turning the survivors into a vicious, animalistic, and tainted being.

The world is nothing as it once was.  Families and generations have been ripped apart or lost entirely.  The world is in a state of restoration and renewal,but also in darkness.   A darkness entailing many different facets….

The surface got hit the hardest, having no shelter from the above ground disasters.  The denizens of the Underdark saw their opportunity and have now begun to surface; to take what they think is rightfully theirs.

The Shadowfell, now so overpopulated with lost souls and the dead, has burst open, the very fabric torn, that which was keeping our world and the plane of the Shadowfell, apart.  Now, the Shadowfell has partially merged with the world and become one.  Not only are the undead finding their way through the gaping hole of a tear, but the feelings of fear, despair, apathy, hopelessness and madness are as well.

The world is no longer a safe place to travel.  Not only do the undead and the denizens of the Underdark roam the wasteland, but strange creatures, which no one has ever seen the likes of before, are emerging.

Safe locations are few and far between.  Many who think themselves safe are delusional or sick with madness.  Safety is a word too loosely used and usually ends up as part of a trick or scam, those using the hope of safety to manipulate the weak.

However there are still some that try to uphold the old laws, hoping to bring civilization back to this broken land, but they are few and far between.

The legends say that the gods have forsaken us.... but those legends have only been told for 50 years.