• This game is under the Contemporary & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Violence.
  • This game contains mature content.
Killin and Chillin
In Violence, award-winning designer DesignerX has combined the style of classic dungeon-bashing RPGs with modern-day fire-power and a gritty urban setting to produce the ultimate bleeding-edge game of non-stop mayhem and gore. Violence leads you to the charred heart of contemporary culture and shows you the true horror that lies within. Something like that. Or alternatively you can just kill things and steal their treasure, like gamers usually do.
Let's not mess around. This is not a nice game. It's bloody. It's brutal. It's dark and evil, with a twisted sense of humour. It uses rude words. "Excessive" is not enough to describe Violence. "Bad taste" doesn't even get close. This is role-playing's answer to the snuff movie. It is not for sensitive people. If you feel you might ever fly into a psychotic rage and kill all your co-workers with an AK-47, then put it down and walk away. Please. We don't need that kind of publicity.
Violence comes with 10 free Violence Experience Point Certificates, kick-ass art by Clint Langley, and the darkest sense of humour of any RPG since Paranoia. It does not include dice, pencils, character sheets or anything even vaguely resembling morality or good taste. Consider yourself warned.