• This game has been marked for deletion.
The Town with a Hole in the Middle
The townspeople of Eldersgrove had a problem. The town well had collapsed and, in an effort to fix the problem, the well diggers had broken through the bottom of the old well and hit stone. At first, it was thought that some large stone had shifted within the earth and blocked the well so the townspeople brought in chisels and levers and hammered the stone loose. To their surprise, it fell, dragging three workers to their deaths! Dropping torches, they saw a stone floor far below on which the workers had died. It seems that somehow, this unknown structure had been flooded and provided them with a well, now, with the roof partially collapsed, Eldersgrove had a real problem and, a hold in the middle of town.

Many adventurers have come to winkle out the secrets of the place, few have returned, most of those badly injured or half-mad, none have brought out any treasure all told of strange things lurking in the dark...