• This game is under the Fantasy & Medieval genres.
  • The game system is Castles and Crusades.
City States of the Northerlands
This currently a placeholder introduction.

The Northerlands is the area that Humans have declared their own. Hemmed in on three sides by mountains, it is a rugged territory.

To the North, unforgiving polar mountains and the cruelty of the Horde.

To the West lay an endless sea of mountains, with Elves living in the forested foothills.

In the south more mountains and an ancient kingdom of Dwarves. Then endless parched desert dunes.

On the East the Great Sea bearing riches to and from foreign lands.

Despite the presence of distinct racial homelands, most inhabitants live in one of a handful of city states and from them, you must choose to start your adventures!

Will you begin in:

Westfall - the first city settled in this territory by humans.
Irilian - home of the Gods of Law and Forgiveness.
Urq'mar - where civilized Orcs follow a path set by ancient humans.

Or how about Anchor - biggest of them all! A trade and naval hub, Anchor can field the largest army or navy in the North and serves as the bread basket for the North.