• This game is under the Sci-Fi genre.
  • The game system is Eclipse Phase.
They can't hear you scream
I have loved the Eclipse Phase game since I found 1st ed years ago.  I seem to have a few ideas about the game that are not shared with the majority of players though.

In this game you will start out working for an argonaut/extropian collective and I hope to take you exploring all of the wonderful ideas the game has to offer.  This game has an extensive science background and I do not so there may be times we have to retcon things (or at least handwave them and move forward).

Characters will not be farcasting everywhere as (it states in the book) farcasting is expensive and the wait lists are often very long.  IMO if we lived forever we would stop being in a hurry (unless something was extraordinarily time sensitive) to get anywhere.