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Sizhui Zhao

Sizhui  Zhao

Sizhui was born in the small sea side village of Shaol Sands in the Storm Reaches where he grew up with his parents. Shan Zhao and Mingyi Zhao his father was a samauri in the army of the local lord and his mother was a wu-jen of the water aspect. He had four siblings of which he is the baby of the family. His older sister YinYin is a fighter like their father, his older brother Yangyi is a wizard his twin sister Huashu was a cleric like himself. Life was normal in the village his father served as mayor for many turns, when the Last War began Sizhui was just a little boy, and he was widely sheltered from it. His other brother went to war, and than his sister. Neither came back, and letters were few, none of them knew if this was because they had lost children and siblings or if it was just something that kept them from writing, such as being on the front lines. Sizhui, went into the Chruch of the Silverflame, and he was he an excellent student, and a better cleric, he was capable and charismatic.

Than the day came that a noble lord rode into town seeking to recruit the locals to his cause. His father was sent to war. His mother went with him because she would not be left behind which left just he and Huashu to handle the family business and to deal with the town that has suddenly lost much of its authority with most going to fight in the Last War. He and Huashu were always desperate for the latest news, and both worked to help when a shelter for those who were badly hurt or maimed in the war returned home.

It was a terrible day, when Shan came home missing an arm and covered in blood, ashen and both feared there father would die. However their combined efforts made it so he lived, and he even regained some use of his body. He would not speak of what had happened to their mother Mingyi, only telling his children she was gone. Sizhui suspected there was more to it, but was to grief stricken to truly pry, of his parents he was closest to his mother. Huashu took over primary care of their father. When the letter arrived to call him back to the front line, he was outraged and angered. His father was able to toll in his garden, and he had a new mechanical arm but he was still learning how to function with it and he had not picked up a blade since he had come home.

Sizhui explained to his twin sister what he planned to do. He would go and report to his father's unit, he would take their father's place. He had lost far to much in the War. She had to stay home with their father and make sure he continued to heal. While she was not pleased with the ideal she agreed to it because she trusted her twin to come back home. It was a learning experience and he did see battle, he made friends, and he proved to be an excellent leader. His ability to heal benefitted himself and his unit. As much as his cool head and capable command.

There was some joy, he was reunited with his siblings who had not perished but had been too deep in the War to be able to send any word home. They are sent word back to their father and sister and it was with joy that she received the news. Writing that their father still had nightmares but knowing his children were alive gave him more life.

In the final battles of the War, the unimaginable occurred he and his unit came up against undead, and to his shock and sadness it was his mother who he faced on the field of battle. He knew her combat style she had after all taught him from a young age about her abilities and what she could do with her magic. She had become a vampire and Sizhui spent several battles trying to find her master, but it was to no avail. Since his mother while avoiding him would prey on his unit. She had to be stopped. Sizhui however, came up against the vampire lord that turned his mother, and gave no quarter and expected none in return. He called on the power of the Silver Flame, only hesitating slightly when the vampire lord tried to save his own hide reminded him that his mother would perish as well, she was a vampire now and had tasted human blood. He could not allow such a spawn to exist he and his unit destroyed the vampire lord, and his mother by extension. Sizhui sat with her through the sunlight. He watched her burst into flame and turn into ashes. He could not contend with the sadness he felt, he could not write home about it, he did not want to tell his family what he had been forced to do.

Sizhui avoided going home, even after the last War ended. He traveled for a time seeking solace and understanding. He was able to come to terms with what he had done, but he was not able to forget his sorrow. This was how the mists found him and took him. He had turned in for the night at The Bluebird Inn in Sharn, and he was not in the Bluebird when he awoke in the morning.

Sizhui is Lawful Good, and he worships the Silver Flame he is a man of skill in arms as well. He fights evil where he finds it and he is not one to give quarter to the undead. He is a exorcist and a healer as well. These are aspects of who he simply is. He has fought wars when he was little more than sixteen years old and seen more combat than most men twice his age. At twenty he is confident and sure of himself, he carries himself in a way that speaks of having seen war and death. Sizhui is a study in quiet elegance and sheer determination to help others. He is friendly but soft spoken. Loved by his unit for his willingness to go into hell with them.

Undead is something that makes him angry and he will hunt them where he finds them. In fact his last visit to Sharn had been to help clear someone's personal crypt of the undead that had spawned there during a necromancer attack on the area. He will help the weak, the underdog, the downtrodden and those who need hope, since that is what he has and brings to the world. He brings guidance and light as well. It is after all his calling and his way of atoning for what he had to do.

His closest companion is Oona a Catshee that he found wounded on the field of battle and healed and nursed back to health, unaware she was a Cait Sith but glad for the company.

Sizhui is five foot ten and holds a commanding air to him. He is a skilled combatant and it shows in his strong build. He has raven black hair that is worn long, with braids in the style of his small village. His ears have been pierced multiple times with silver loops. He wears a braided red ribbon around his forehead and red feather decorate his braids as well as beads of polished glass, silver and stone. his ears hold a faint point but not as sharp as an elven ear. His eyes almond shaped and a soft violet speaking of his celestial heritage as an Aasamir.

He dresses in battle robes and his weapons are a composite long bow, a war fan and a katana. He is skilled in other weapons as well and has used spears and long swords in the past but his preferrence is the katana and the war fan. Well maintained silks are his favored clothing, with full wide sleeves, and flowing robes of white and red trimmed with gold or silver pending on his mood or what he is attending too. Tabi boots are worn as well silken slacks. Sizhui is beautiful, very charismatic. He carries a havard backpack, with many pockets that house his things, his bedroll is attached to it, as is his winter blanket rolled and neatly put away.