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Sejan is a human male with golden skin, green eyes and fine black hair with a close cropped beard. He is attractive if not handsome, clean and well groomed. He stands an inch or two under six feet and has a healthy medium build. He seems pleasant enough but one can detect a burden of grief about him.

He is richly dressed in colorful robes of heavily embroidered and bejeweled silk with almost every color represented, although yellow and gold is predominant with blue and then red accents second, suggesting the morning sky. Silks are worn both under and over a heavily etched and gold chased mithral lamellar armor. His pointed helmet is wrapped in a blue and yellow silk turban and a highly ornate curved dagger with a handle of lapis lazuli and fittings of gold sits in his broad belt, the handle almost chest high. He carries a large round shield, also of mithril is usually carried on his back when not in use. The shield is faced with a gold stylized eight ray sun with a human face in the center of it, the same symbol hangs from a heavy gold chain around his neck.
It is hard to find a square inch of him that is not decorated with etched mithral, engraved leather, gold jewelry or embroidered silk. The only thing on him that is not ornate is a morningstar that is carried on his belt. It is constructed entirely of a dark metal with a slight bluish sheen.

Those familiar with his people will recognize him as a Baklunish warrior priest.