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Bai Shu

Bai Shu is a lovely woman in her mid forties her black hair is still lusterious and there are no wrinkles touching her face. She is dressed in golden silk hanfu, and at her side is a crossbow and a staff lingers close to hand. She is regal as well as charming. She is the Owner of the Golden Cloud. She is used to having people appear in the Golden Cloud as though it were a way point, and she has gathered enough information to know it is the mists that take people. Still, it is something that does not bother her as she does her job well, explaining what little she knows of the Mists to those taken.

Bai Shu is a widow there is a shrine to an extraordinary looking man in a corner, decorated with incense, fruit, and hell money. The young lady playing music is her daughter. Bai Lele.