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Gilornor Startree

Gil is from Greyhawk he was born on the Lendore Isles. No stranger to battle or death he served on the ship his mother captained. The Water Sprite, and it was this very same thing that caused Gil to wind up where he now is. He was serving as look out in the crow's nest when the ship was entangled by something dark, and there was no setting her free, his mother lived and died by her own rules, and so when her ship went down, as did most of her crew, his mother went with it. She commanded her animal companion a Dolphin, named Meep, to bring his ashore and it was the only reason he survived, his mother's last words to him was I love you, tell your father I love him as well.

His father was shattered, and Gil was pretty sure his father blamed him for the death of his mother. He decided in honor of his mother he would not work on a ship again. The night he went to bed at the Captain's Rest, he awoke in the Golden Cloud, come morning.Which is where he is now.

Gil is 5'8 well toned and muscled spending years swinging from rigging and tending to sails does a lot for one's physique. Though he wears loose pants and a shirt, the most armor he has ever donned is leather. He has a wide brimmed hat to shelter his face from the sun. Gil is a swashbuckler.