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06:58, 21st July 2024 (GMT+0)

Forgotten Whispers

The mists always seem to find those who have a tragedy attached to them, you are no different. You have experienced something that would interest the mists. Were you at fault a bystander or even mists forbid a victim yourself ? What ever the case, stopping for the night and resting in an Inn locally you hear soft whispers in your rest, speaking in languages you can not identify or if you can its only one or two words. Your rest is not fitful. The dreams were all the same, you were walking along a planked lake gathering lotus, its easy enough to recognize you are not you, but a young woman. She places the root in a woven basket and is happy to contribute, as she gets near the end a shadow falls on her, there is a gasp, a scream that is muffled and a splash of bright red blood across a wooden plank, while the ice cold depths of water rises up around you--well her.

You awaken to find the Inn you went to sleep in has changed. Their is no doubt about it. The structure is not the same. The doors are double and of heavy wood. There are cloud patterns on the door. The air has changed as well, it is cleaner , their is the smell of lightening and you can hear the sound of rain falling on the roof at a steady beat. The scent of cooking food rises through the Inn.

It is only as you make your way to sitting room that you realize you are not alone. There are several small tables all close together. Tea Pots rest on each table a beautiful woman sits playing the Dombra. A matronly woman who greatly resembles the woman playing is clearly the proprietress of the Inn."Welcome to the Golden Cloud" she said motioning to the tables. There are others here as well all looking slightly confused as to where they are but there is food and the woman is not hostile. "I am sure you have questions." she encourages you to sit and have tea, and eat. While the storm outside rages on.

"You are not from here, but that is of no consequence to your story now, what you do going forward is what is important, you are in the Crimson City, the most beautiful capitol of Feng Lung. You are guests here, as the mists have claimed you. If there is a way of returning to where you came from I can not say, I have never seen a soul do so. Still you are adventurers and a hardy lot by the looks of you. Please, stay as long as you like. Crimson City, certainly needs heroes, so sometimes the mists chooses its own. You should get to know one another your going to be boon companions yet." while there is nothing sinister in her words, there is something that sends a chill through you all at her words.