• This game is under the Fantasy & Ancient genres.
  • The game system is Home-brewed.
The Bloody-Handed Name of Bronze
You are a fated hero, seeking your destiny, that you might do deeds great and awe-inspiring, to die bathed in glory...


You are a Dealer-In-Names, clad in the tattered rags of a mendicant oracle or in the name-inscribed brocade of a city’s priest. When you speak the Language of Names to the ancient tree whose roots reach the Waters of the Underworld; to the beautiful tiger, mistress of its forest; to the great ocean, its depths teeming with the dead, they will treat with you.

You will do the following things:

--Pursue with vigor the Will of the Names of the World, from the dreams of a simple cooking fire to the ambitions of the Great Queen and her twelve greatest hero-warriors.

--Describe with all the senses the world and the things in it: the expression on a face, the sweet herbs of honey wine; the touch of rain on desert-chapped lips, the sound of a harp singing to the wind that gives heart to your bright-eyed sea vessel.

--When you encounter a new people, describe their ways as you experience them.

--Describe the trophies of legend both known and untold that your opponents bear.

--Outwit the powers of the world, or escape their wrath, or both.

--Win glory, or infamy, or both.

Come and explore the world at the time when the oldest stories were still new, and make your own.