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Earth-65: Spider-Gwen and Her Amazing Friends
A spider-themed hero demonized by public figures. Class responsibilities, the specter of adulthood looming overhead, and oh yeah, some crazy villains out there making life difficult for a would-be superhero. Sound familiar?

It's Earth-65, where Gwen Stacy—better known to the world as Spider-Woman—is trying to juggle a personal life with the whole "great power, great responsibility" thing she might have heard somewhere before. What's a girl to do? Get some amazing friends!

This game is about new heroes and familiar faces, reimagined for a spin on the classic Earth-616 we all know and love. Here are stories of action and suspense, drama and romance, triumph and defeat. With that Marvel flair for putting the "human" in "superhuman," we'll be sure to explore plenty of exciting stories in Earth-65!