• This game is under the Supernatural & Drama genres.
  • The game system is Godbound.
  • This game contains adult content.
Cords of Sorrow Woven
It was a late night in the jungle called the Thousand Gods after the countless parasite gods and fragments of Made Gods that call the place home. You were in a group with various other explorers and native guides, working to find one of the ruined research stations and loot it for the celestial engines and old theurgic texts that it contains. Dangerous work, but highly profitable.

Unfortunately, shortly after you made it to the research station, the danger reared its head in a scale that you were unprepared for. Hordes of misshapen creatures, twisted and unnatural, began to race out from the cover of the trees towards the station - and towards your camp at the edge of it.

The plan had been to carefully study the machines of this place before so much as going inside. Some of the research stations, even those long abandoned, still have working machinery, or damaged engines that are still extraordinarily dangerous in their malfunctioning. But there was no time, not with a massive swarm of monstrous things bearing down on you. You ran into the station hoping to find shelter. And then you felt power begin to suffuse your being, bringing with it an attachment that you immediately wanted to reject....