• This game is under the Fantasy & Punk genres.
  • The game system is Home-brewed.
  • This game contains mature content.
Of Arcanum and Steamworks
The world stands on the edge of revolution.

For ages, those with magic have held the lion's share of power in Averos. However, that is about to change. A great elevator, a marvel of steamworks, gears, and steel stands ready to reach from the soot covered industrial continent of Blackrock to Europa above. Science stands ready to race forward, to bring the working class closer than ever to those who, both literally and figuratively, stood above them.

Aristocrats, politicians, wizards. All have reason to not want this. It could possibly mark the beginning of the loss of their power. All the while, the lower-class balk at the greed of those richer then themselves, seeing for the first time the better life they could have through technology. But, even more importantly, in a world where magic and science cannot interact... what happens when the working class brings technology into the realm of magicians?

The result could be explosive.

Still, voices of reason ring out into the world. Men and women from across the four continents, seeking to bridge the divide between magic and science, have come together to represent a peaceful path for all. To this end, the Bernholdt University has been constructed, a place for mages and scientists alike to study the mysteries of the world and perhaps one day understand the relationship between both. But the seeking of answers must be met with action as well, lest tensions boil over and outright war explode into being. Even now tensions boil over, protests and accusations from all sides.

Some must step forward and become the shining beacons of hope for all, or war may be the only choice...