• This game is under the Fantasy, Supernatural & Contemporary genres.
  • The game system is Free-form.
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
When Silver Falls
The night wailed as the full moon shone down upon the land.  The rich, pristine, fertile lands of the North American Continent before it was even known to be such.  In the early days of man, things were so very different, so pure, natural and, simple even.  The people worshipped nature, the Source of all, they respected it, feared it, loved it and lived by and with it in harmony and reverence.  The father of all, the Source, the mother of all, the Moon Goddess, watched over the land and it's inhabitants.  But as we all know, man has an innate need to conquer and control.  Though still holding the Source, the Moon Goddess and the nature deities as sacred, they felt a need to prove their superiority over each other, and in some cases, try to be superior to their creators.  Thus the varying groups, tribes as they would later be known, began to argue amongst themselves, each trying to prove they were the favored of the Source, of the gods of nature.  At first the gods smiled, not minding the healthy competition, yet as time went by, the competition became more and more fierce, until finally, blood was spilled.

Blood of innocents on the night of the Moon Goddess monthly ceremony.  This angered the Moon Goddess so much she set foot upon the Earth and personally dealt with the offenders. The two tribes in question, Grimclaw and Silvermoon.  As the two chiefs knelt before her in fear and indignation, she remonstrated them with bitter condemnation.

"You dare to defile the sanctity of Mother Earth's blessings, to turn your back on the gifts of the Source?  You dare, in your arrogance of your power, to leave your most vulnerable unprotected?  For what?  Pride?  Vanity?  Power?" Her voice boomed beautiful but fierce.  "What more do you require?  You have so much, yet still require more?  Selfish, selfish, children.  Life is short yet you focus your time on petty goals instead of reveling in the joys of the life you have been bestowed?  In all the time you have been allowed to live and roam free, we have asked so little.  We have not intervened until this moment, now I cannot turn a blind eye to your sins no more.  Grimclaw clan, you were the aggressors, you killed the innocent, the weak, the infirm, you showed no reverence for life.  You craved power and status to the point of destruction and chaos, putting the vulnerable in harms way to achieve your aim and thus you shall be punished."  She declared with barely controlled anger.

"Silvermoon, you did nothing to end the hostilities between your clan and Grimclaw, you were arrogant and felt yourselves untouchable, as such you neglected to protect your women and children, your elders, because you were too blinded by your sense of superiority to think anyone would dare attack, your hubris and inaction to put an end to the hostilities is the reason you shall be punished.  You have both sinned enormously.  However, perhaps you will lesson starting now!"  With a turn and a twist, she raised her hands to the heavens and her voice rang out loud and clear as her verdict of guilty was announced and a sentence was laid down before them all.

"From this day on and forever more, I hereby command that you shall become half man, half wolf.  Your lives will be long and lonely, ever seeking the one who can make you whole, who can ground you, and give you the greatest gift of all.  To you no female offspring shall be born, your women shall remain as human, only to change or die upon their first child, you shall degrade if you do not find your other half, and before a wolf forever more if you never do find her, or lose her."

Turning back tote h chiefs, she glared at them. "Perhaps if you have to take extreme care and suffer extreme loss will you learn to cherish that which is yours, to honor that which has granted you such riches and placed you into a world of beauty and treasure that is enough to share so all can be at peace and live in happiness.  Life was too easy, to carefree and you let your eyes be drawn from the true meaning of all.  Thus we make it difficult so you will appreciate it more."

And with a poof she was gone, leaving the two tribes at a loss for words which escalated into more bloodshed.

This would forever be known as the Instigation and it is considered a very bad sign to be born under such a moon.  The tribes, after the final battle, each returned to their home grounds to lick their wounds, contemplate their wrong doing, and make a choice about the future of their packs.

Which brings us to today, modern day, Silver Falls is everything you might expect from a picturesque little town and yet so much more.  Hidden beneath the simple exterior of a small town with traditional values and old-fashioned charm, is a veil of mystery, fantasy and even horror.  Never judge a book by it's cover.