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Legend of the five rings: the Topaz championship
The Topaz Championship

It is the twentieth year of the reign of the divine Emperor, Hantei the 38th. The Emerald Empire has stood for a thousand years, thanks to the guidance of the karni and the wise benevolence of the Hantei emperors. Each of the seven Great Clans vies eternally to be rst in the Emperor's favor while safeguarding Rokugan from its many enemies within and without.

The Topaz Championship is a chance for each clan to test their best and brightest against one another. Though all contestants can pass the tests and become samurai, the winner
claims glory for themselves and their clan, and may even earn a high-ranking position in the Empire.

As contestants, you are all traveling to the village of Tsuma, where the Championship will be held at the Kakita Dueling Academy. Who knows, maybe you will win it all and become
the Topaz Champion...