• This game is under the Supernatural & Drama genres.
  • The game system is Godbound.
  • This game contains adult content.
The Lacunae Where Lives Once Lived
The city of Kaer Maka is an anomaly. It lurks at the border between Vissio and the Golden Waste, sitting on a massive plateau looking out over the grasslands over a sheer cliff a thousand feet high. The city is largely built inside of the city walls, which are as thick as large city districts; the center of the city contains a large lake as well as the markets and hospitality center of the city. No one knows who made the city; the oldest records, dating back to shortly after the War, say that refugees found it fully built and made it their home.

The city is a merchant center before all else, one that is driven by an economy of the forbidden. In the City of Strangers, as some call it, nothing is forbidden from sale. It has a thriving slave trade just as much as it does trade in drugs, poisons, and illicit magical trinkets. Anything that one cannot buy anywhere else, one can certainly find in Kaer Maka, unless it finds you first, as the saying goes.

The Howlers hate the city. But its extremely defensible location (the enormous cliff face is all but impossible to lead an army up, with the only trail on the northern face being closely guarded) and massive walls make it too costly to be worth attacking.

You died in Kaer Maka. You remember dying. But now you are alive again, resurrected wielding terrible power. None remember your existence, not even your closest friends and family. And there's a voice only you and those who were similarly revived can hear, narrating all of your actions and seemingly possessed of a frightening degree of knowledge.