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Welcome to 5E The Final Charge of the Hellriders

03:14, 3rd March 2024 (GMT+0)

5E The Final Charge of the Hellriders

Peace reigns in the Holy City of Elturel.  The citizens go about their day happy and safe in the light of the Holy Companion.  And though evil still slinks in the darkest corners, the citizens know the many Holy Orders of the city work tirelessly to expunge it completely.

Oldest and Least among these Orders are the Hellriders.  A hodgepodge of criminals, orphans, and wastrels forged into a fighting force of steel and wrath by its exacting commanders. Though they take in any who ask, only a tenacious few call themselves Hellriders.

One squad of hopefuls faces its final test, and they will either come out the other side as Hellriders in truth, or die trying.

But, succeed or fail, the world spins on, and no peace can last forever.  Elturel¬ís days are numbered.  A reckoning is coming and only these unlikely few stand a chance of stopping it...

A slight variation on Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus