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Welcome to The Blades Of Ochir Naal- Exandria DND 5e

06:32, 20th July 2024 (GMT+0)

The Blades Of Ochir Naal- Exandria DND 5e

Long ago, when the Scaled Tyrant was banished and imprisoned, a follower sought a way to free her. He was a great mage who had somehow survived the Calamity. His name was Eth the Veiled. He crafted a mighty greatsword and enchanted it, so it held all five Chromatic Dragons' essence. One of each had to be sacrificed for their Queen. He then researched a ritual so when cast on a certain day, when the myriad planes were the closest, the sword could be used to cut and tear the very fabric between the planes, thus releasing the Scaled Tyrant upon the world once more!

Yet, those who followed Platinum Dragon found out about the plan and stopped it. Through great lost life and magic, Eth was slain, and the sword was taken. Eth had made the sword well, and the dragons' essence made it and its wielder invulnerable to most kinds of damage. So the blade could not be destroyed, but to leave it where others may find and use it was also not an option. It was then that a mage named Ochir Naal found a solution. He created a spell that would separate the sword into five daggers... in turn, these daggers could be separated and hidden in faraway places, for even Ochir Naal knew that the daggers could be rejoined with the proper spell.  Two daggers became a short sword... another made a longsword... a fourth a bastard sword... and finally a fifth the greatsword renewed!

So the cult of The Caustic Heart has found out about these daggers and is seeking them out. The players now must seek them too. It is a race against time...

The Game is set in Exandria on the continent of Wildemount during the war between the Krynn Dynasty and the Dwendalian Empire. Players will be the Kryn Dynasty agents who will be searching for the daggers while learning of their powers/ abilities as they go along. Not an easy task as they were scattered long ago to prevent just such a thing. So join us!!!! :)