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5e: If You'll be my Bodyguard...
The City of Perle sits as a shining jewel in a blasted wasteland. Home of the Everwell -- the largest known source of fresh, clean water in this harsh world -- the city is a hub of civilization and trade. A secretive enclave of elves tend the Everwell, while Perle is truly ruled by Merchant-Lords and their private militias. Beneath their economic reign, people of all classes and castes live within the city’s high walls, while travelers and trade caravans flow freely through the massive Tri-Gates every day. Perle is no stranger to crime, corruption, and intrigue. As a bastion of resources and a beacon of opportunities, the city attracts all manner of people. Only debtors and the destitute are turned away; those sad souls dwell in the Slumfields, a lawless village amassed outside the city walls.

Where will your story take you?

Hello! "If You’ll be my Bodyguard" is a one-shot adventure set entirely in the City of Perle, a prosperous city in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world. We’ll be using D&D 5th Edition rules, and starting at 9th level with a group of 5-6 characters. See the game threads for more information.