• This game is under the Fantasy & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Exalted 2.5e.
  • This game contains mature content.
In Our Own Image
<bold>In our own image</bold> - an Exalted 2.5 story

At last, a chance for revenge. A chance to take vengence on the Creation that scorned its' creators, the Yozi who were once beings supreme called Primordials.

Mutiliated, thwarted, betrayed and sealed away by the oaths' of surrender they were forced to swear they are, however, not defeated.  The upstart gods and traitorous Primordials who conspired together to come up with the ultimate weapons in the form of the Exalted will finally meet their match. At last, the Yozi's have Exalted of their own and all of Creation will pay the price.

Or so is their plan.

OOC Stuff:
Whats' this game about?
This seeks to be an Exalted 2.5e game in which the players, either straight up Infernals' or those with some sort of bond/allegiance to the Yozi's are set loose upon Creation. As for setting, I intend on having a discussion with the players.  At least in the beginning, the characters will be working to free the Yozi's so there will be some villany and horror. There may be cult and empire building. I will try and keep combat to a minimum since I find the combat system slow and clunky irl, let alone PbP or perhaps just RP it.

What kind of characters am I looking for?
I'm seeking characters that are nominally working to free the Yozi's for a reason. Your character doesnt have to genuinely believe in the Cause