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The Matrix Still Has You
The world functioned like normal, presumably like it always had.  Children went to school, adults went to work, there was wealth and prosperity along with poverty and crime.  The economy churned, and politicians vied for power, and most lived in relative ignorance.  But how few knew that none of it was real?  And what was real?  That's what Camille wanted to know.  What is real? She typed on her computer, in her room, at her desk.  Each key stroke clacked with the sound her keyboard made as she typed.  What is the truth?  She hit enter and the words appeared on a chat webpage.  Then she waited.

The hand on the clock on her wall ticked away the minutes, which were starting to feel like hours.  Camille leaned back in her chair and sighed heavily.  She ran her tired fingers through wavy blonde locks and stared up at the ceiling.  Her mother's shouting broke the silence, "Camille!  Viens manger!"

She called back, their yelling almost songlike, "Oui, Je viens!"  She was about to close her laptop screen when suddenly a response appeared in the chat.

From: M4dh4tt3r
"Do you really want to know?  Do you think you can handle the truth?"

She shot back to her keyboard and frantically typed.

From: Elmedain
"Yes, I want to know.  No matter what it turns out to be, I want to know the real truth."

Mother shouted up the stairs again, "Camille!"

The girl shouted back, "Juste un moment!"

Another response appeared on the screen.

From: M4dh4tt3r
"Meet me at the abandoned Church on 5th avenue, at 9AM."

She chewed her lip as she stewed her thoughts before replying.

From: Elmedain
"I have school..."

From M4dh4tt3r
"Go there then, if you think that's where you'll find true knowledge."

Shrinking back into her chair, Camille crumpled and muttered under her breath, "Merde..."

Mother's shouting was becoming more insistent, "Il est passé huit heures! Tu ne veux pas être en retard pour l'ecole!"

She yelled back, "Désolé maman, juste une minute."  Then, with a heavy sigh, she made up her mind.

From: Elmedain
"I'll be there."

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