• This game is under the Medieval, Historical & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Prince Valiant The Storytelling Game.
Unsung Ballads of the Peers of Prince Valiant


Unsung Ballads of the Peers of Prince Valiant is a campaign using the Prince Valiant Storytelling Game rules.

Our story begins in Britain in the days of King Arthur ~ the mid-fifth century A.D., in a world that is somewhere between history and myth.

While some attempts to remain faithful to the comic will be made, and this game may include cameo appearances of characters from the series, these stories will focus on the adventures of new, original characters created by the players, and some deviation from canon is to be expected. If Sir Thomas Malory, T. H. White, Howard Pyle, John Steinbeck, Mary Stewart, and John Boorman do not agree, we shall find ourselves in august company despite our differences.