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Welcome to Baron Von Grimm's Festival of Freaks and Circus Xtream (WIP)

06:34, 20th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Baron Von Grimm's Festival of Freaks and Circus Xtream (WIP)

You are a descendant of the Awakened.  Several Millennia ago your kind were worshiped as Gods and their power was vast. But that was before the Primordial Darkness corrupted the Divine source, destroyed the godly realms and murdered your predecessors.

While your connection to the divine source gives you powers, its corruption has also twisted you body and soul.  For decades now the weakest of your kind, half casts and sub cats like you, have been persecuted for the strangeness of their Mutations. While the strongest, those rare few with real power and oft times purer forms, live in the world as Heroes and Villains.  And they have done so for generations unaware of the true source of their power and the Darkness that threatens Earth.

But this is not the story of the great heroes and villains of the world. This is the tale of the outcasts and freaks who have been pushed to the fringe of society and must there survive.

GM Note:  We are looking for collaborative writers interested in weaving a series of loosely guided adventures in a highly erotic and darkly supernatural world. If you are a story first writer we look forward to receiving your RTJ