• This game has been marked for deletion.
God Game: Untitled Reality
As each of you prepare to step into existence, you become aware that existence was already there waiting for you. Someone or something has prepared the way, has pruned the infinite possibilities to a subset of infinite possibilities. The implications, ramifications, and fallout rattles around in your mind. For where there had been no meaning before, there was now  a basis for understanding. Whatever or whoever had prepared the way had given you the briefest, smallest edification of what was intended. A handful of concepts existed. Each was as simple as possible and yet contained infinite perturbations in how they reacted to one another. These reactions were, in turn, only infinitesimally more complex, yet the pruning of infinities continues to an even smaller number of possibilities.

Each of you knew instinctively where your sympathies laid in this web of possibilities and each of you were prepared to act as you were created to do so.