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Welcome to Enter the Jianghu (Wuxia, Righteous Blood Ruthless Blade)

04:32, 22nd April 2024 (GMT+0)

Enter the Jianghu (Wuxia, Righteous Blood Ruthless Blade)

"The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been"

The Emperor ails and the Imperial Court has dissolved into factions as various cliques try to seize power and influence as the Son of Heaven lingers in his sickbed. The Grand Marshal holds himself aloof from politics as the army does its best to maintain order. The Empress Dowager and her handmaidens are in constant conflict with the Eunuchs as they compete to loot the Imperial Treasury. Corrupt officials whisper in the ears of the Princes, hoping to gain favour as the battle for succession brews.

Throughout the land, the people suffer. Taxes rise, crops fail and the heavy hand of oppression places the yoke of tyranny upon the populace. Honest officials are persecuted for the most minor of offenses while fatuous magistrates install their own friends and relatives in their place. The virtuous find themselves endangered in the halls of power and the rare noble who holds true to the teachings of the sages find themselves insolated and threatened.

People whisper that the dynasty has lost the Mandate of Heaven, the divine right to rule. Soon a new dynasty will arise, and through fire and blood replace the old.

Even the Jianghu, usually heedless of what happens in the rest of the Middle Kingdom, finds itself embroiled in the turmoil. Merchants, princes, officials, nobles and governors all seek capable warriors in the chaos that is almost sure to come. The mightiest xia of the Jianghu lies on her deathbed in cruel symmetry with the Emperor. The title of "mightiest under Heaven" is coveted by all and the great masters too begin preparation to stake their claim.

Will you fight for the sake of the common people? Gain gold and glory in the armies of the princes? Seek out a worthy master to pledge your blade? Will you join the subterfuge of the Sects as they clash to determine the new strongest xia of them all?

Are you ready to enter the Jianghu?


Enter the Jianghu is a wuxia game that uses the Righteous Blood, Ruthless Blade ruleset. It takes significant inspiration from several pseudo-historical novels in particular; Investiture of the Gods, Legends of the Water Margin and Romance of the Three Kingdoms.