• This game is under the Punk & Future genres.
  • The game system is Shadowrun 6e.
  • This game contains mature content.
Free Seattle
A little over a year ago, Seattle governor Corrine Potter was elected on a platform that carried the popular vote but with few promises in it. Brackhaven left her a lot of unsolved issues, and Potter promised to address each one, though her campaign was thin on details. Since her election, Potter has brought in consultants and experts to try to identify the correct solutions to each of these issues. Because of this, her decisions have sometimes rubbed her voters the wrong way, as they may have expected her to go with her heart rather than her head. Now she steps into perhaps the most controversial issue of the campaign: Seattle’s independence movement.

During the election, there were several calls for a free and independent Seattle. These cries were met with acceptance and rejection in
nearly equal measure. Seattle is clearly divided heavily on this issue. To help her resolve this crisis, Potter has brought in representatives
from several entities that have a special interest in how Seattle handles its independence.

Not surprisingly, Potter invited several different elements of the Corporate Court, specifically Major Brenda Reed from Ares, Thomas Miranda from Horizon, and Takuto Nakagawa from Renraku. Potter also invited the Pacific Prosperity Group, who sent Wuxing executive Dewei T’ao to sit at the table. Additionally, Seattle’s nearest neighbors will have a say in the fate of Seattle: the Salish-Shidhe Council has sent John Abernathy of the Salish tribe, the UCAS sent freshman Congressman Carl Derrick to ensure that things remain steady, and Tír Tairngire sent Margaret Telestrian to represent them at the
conference. Perhaps the most surprising invitation to the meeting is the Sea Dragon, who has yet to be seen at the conference. What the presence of one of the most controversial dragons in the world will mean to this conference is anyone’s guess.

Over the next week, Seattle’s future will be determined in part by these entities. Only time will tell if the voice of Seattle’s people will be
louder than the voices of Seattle’s megacorporate interests.