• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • The game system is A Dragon Game.
  • This game contains mature content.
A Dragon's Game
A Dragon Game was created by Chris Bissette. It was designed to be simple, allow creativity for players, characters, and DM's alike, and eliminate all those rolls and rules that inevitably bog down gameplay. It is a Pay-what-you-will resource that you can download for free from:


I paid for my copy because I wanted to and I have shared the rules here with you (along with my own minor additions) so we can jump into an exciting game!

For this game you will create your character - whatever you want! You can take inspiration from other game systems if you wish or play that character you've always wanted to try out that didn't quite fit in to those systems. You want a cyber-punk orc from Victorian London who has a life goal to create the best lobster bisque? Me too! You're from the far future and happen to be the last human in existence living in an alien zoo? Won't it be wonderful when you encounter other humans during this adventure?!

The setting: After a rather unusual evening, you wake up fully refreshed, dressed in your day clothes, sun shining in your face. You are laying at the bottom of a very large crater(?). It's early morning from the position of the sun; a bright, clear day with happy, fluffy clouds. Beside you is a bag/backpack/satchel (whatever your character would most likely carry) that contains your own "stuff"...

No more spoilers for you! Get in here and discover the possibilities!

Give me characters I can mash into my world and I will do my best to give you an entertaining story filled with personalized advancements to make you fall in love with playing creatively!