• This game is under the Fantasy & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 5e.
  • This game contains mature content.
DnD: Holy War

Whitebirch is a small town far removed from Milano. It sits on the confluence of two major tributaries to the Kovka river and is a hub for several smaller settlements. It is here, the campaign begins. Only three months ago, the High Cleric, Drgoslav, was run out of town, wounded, after he betrayed his post and kidnapped one of the townspeople’s daughters to use in a dark sacrifice. The town’s yeomanry has been hunting for any sign of him, the temple wants to find him and clear their names and the Darkness of Faith that they feel they are under.  As if woes of the town could not have been enough, now some sort of horrendous foe preys upon the river-barge traffic between Dramsburg and Whitebirch.

The local temple begs for volunteers from among their acolytes, and folk heroes.  The guilds put up rewards and pressure their members for some volunteers to seek revenge on Dragoslav the Curse from among their artisans, Entertainers. The town council calls upon the nobles, outlanders, sailors, soldiers. While the danger is cramping the income from poteen coming upriver from Dramsburg and putting criminal proceeds in jeopardy.