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Welcome to Star Wars Infinities: New Galactic Order

02:09, 23rd June 2024 (GMT+0)

Star Wars Infinities: New Galactic Order

The Galaxy stands on a precipice...

Almost a year has passed since the destruction of the second Death Star above the forest moon of Endor.  Emperor Palpatine is dead.  In his place stands scarred form of Emperor Vader.  And at his side?

Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight.

The old Empire is dead.  Long live the Empire!

This is game set in the Star Wars universe under the Extended Universe heading of Infinities - alternate timelines of the stories we know and love.  The base rules are the Star Wars: Role Playing game by West End Games.  Specifically, we will be using the Revised, Expanded, and Updated (Also know as 'REUP') rules.

Please note that this game is tagged as 'Adult' and will follow all of RPOL's rules and guidelines for such.