• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • The game system is Free-form.
Forgotten Realms -Tales for the Grandkids
This game is using only a d6 to use when an element of surprise is needed. Other than that, you can experience the Forgotten Realms without all the game rules attached to it. You don't need to know the books - I have read very few of them yet myself - but if you do that's great, too, although our world will definitely differ from the official world, not the least because you are in it to possibly change it.

This game will probably skip ahead in years every now and then, depending on how you want to go along. It is also possible that several timelines which will be connected develop together - for example, the grandparents of your heroes or their grandchildren could well come into it. The heroes will have heard the tales of their ancestors about their adventures. After all, what else do you go adventuring for if not for the tales?

The year the game starts will likely be in the 1360 - so before the Times of Troubles and 3.5. But we can determine this or even put up two unrelated groups.