• This game is under the Punk, Superhuman & Intrigue genres.
Dieselpunk Supers!
The year is 1949, but the world is not as you know it.

In 1944, World War 2 was raging on, but something happened that changed the planet completely.  A strange craft from another world entered the earth's atmosphere.  As it did so, the saucer-like craft emitted a strange pulse of energy that spread across the entire globe.  As it did so, a small amount of people began to spontaneously develop wondrous powers - superhuman strength, the ability to fly, etc.  But before the strange otherworldly beings could explain the reasons for the energy wave, their craft was mysteriously destroyed.

Because of the strange occurrence, the Axis and the Allies declared a truce while they sorted things out.  But the cease fire is tenuous at best.  Adolf Hitler still has plans for world domination, and the emergence of super powered beings has only wet his appetite...


This game is a superhero rpg using the Supers! Revised Edition rules.  The setting is an alternate dieselpunk history, featuring a cold war fraught with superhumans, occult magic, and mad science.  Players will play as two-fisted superhuman crime fighters, in a gritty, noir setting