• This game is under the Supernatural, Contemporary & Drama genres.
  • The game system is Semi-Free Form.
  • This game contains adult content.
One Night of Wishes
TLDR: This is an Adult game looking to combine elements of a supernatural possession or mind control fantasy with an exploration of an archetypal story arc agreed to between the players and the MC. This game will be with either one or two players using a Semi-Free Form ruleset (Credit/Inspiration from Onar Idein) where the players act as a supernatural entity exerting power over a modern human to achieve a goal of their choosing. The DM is new to running Play-By-Post and to this ruleset.

Welcome to One Night of Wishes, a game set in a modern metropolitan city in order to explore a singular story of supernatural drama and influence. The details of that story will depend significantly on the story the players wish to tell. The players will take on the role of a supernatural being intent on changing a mortal life (for better, for worse, or for wild is up to you). Are you a demon intent on corrupting the life of a moral soul, a ghost intent on changing a poor soul's life path, or a Djinn hoping to cause as much chaos as possible? When applying please consider what type of supernatural entity you'd like to play, and the sort of change you'd like to make in a persons' life (e.g. Rags to Riches, Fall from Grace, Revenge, etc.).

The rules for the game, inspired by a game run by Onar Idein here on RPOL, are described within the game itself, but are designed to allow you to influence and/or possess a mortal and the world around them without letting them on to your control. How long you can maintain the ruse (if you even want to) will depend on your cleverness and the internal time limit of one special night.

As a MC, you can expect me to generally follow these three tenets.

1. The MC must be a fan of the players. - The reason I play these games is to participate in the amazing stories that you as players wish to tell. If you want to do something amazing, even if and especially if it is different than what I'd expected, then I want that amazing thing to happen and will work to help make it so.

2. The Rule of Cool overrules Rules as Written. - Whatever system we use, the story and our enjoyment is more important than mastery over a system of rules. If we wanted to be so limited, we'd be playing a video game instead. If you want to do something that the rules do not account for, but it improves the story and all the player's enjoyment, then it will happen.

3. Real life comes first but I responsible to my storytelling partners. - It goes without saying that the real world is more important and I cannot say that it won't interfere to cause any of us to be unable to post for a while. However, I promise that if I have to vanish for a time, I will give you all notice of the upcoming down period and its expected length.

While there may be multiple iterations of this game, we will start with only one or two players and the MC. This is in an effort to ensure that the pace of the game moves quickly and players will have an opportunity to fully explore the story they wish to experience.