• This game is under the Fantasy, Medieval & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Free-form.
The Color of Ice
Magic is difficult to learn, but those who can master the exacting art are lavished with the highest honors in exchange for their expertise. Witch's and Wizard's names are whispered in awe, their incredible deeds immortalized in ballads. The most powerful of them could even create new life, and the wizardborn races thrive, for the most part. But each was built with a safeguard; none of them have the ability to master magic. It is closely, jealously guarded by the elite of the human world. Getting accepted into any of the prestigious schools of magic is nigh impossible, and not only because there are very few teachers. Most who attain practical godhood rarely feel the need to pass on their knowledge.

This has led to many unlicensed practitioners, village shamans and healers, holistic hermits and traveling charm peddlers. The great Witches and Wizards tolerate this for the most part, but gain too much notoriety and you may disappear in the night.

Things have been thus for centuries. But a ripple of change has begun billowing across the lands; rumors of human children born with innate magical abilities.

There have been vicious crackdowns and smear campaigns, riots and executions. The Witches and Wizards have no intention of surrendering their high, hard won status to these vile sorcerers.