• This game has been marked for deletion.
The Event (Icons Superheroes)
The 'Event' came without warning. A strange energy wave from deep space bombarded the Earth. It lasted 11.4 seconds. During this time ever human on the planet lost consciousness. They awoke into a changed world. The energy wave had triggered something in a fraction of humanity. That fraction developed strange 'super powers' that defied the laws of physics.

Some used their newfound powers for profit, power and personal game. Fortunately, for every 'villain' there was also a hero who decided to use their powers for good. Unfortunately for Earth, this was just the beginning. A greater threat was approaching. A threat where all the heroes of the world would need to fight to save the human race.

You are one of these new 'heroes'. The Earth needs you to help form a new team to save the planet. The campaign will begin as the energy wave collides with Earth, throwing the world into chaos. New to your powers, you need to learn to be heroes.