• This game is under the Supernatural, Horror & Contemporary genres.
  • The game system is Changeling: The Lost 2E.
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
A Chosen Hell
A rowan branch, a bowl of milk left on a doorstep, a pinch of salt tucked in a pocket, the sound of a rooster's crow, and, of course, iron. These are just a few ways mortals have tried to keep the Fae at bay over the centuries. However, belief in Faeries has dwindled in the modern age. Few of today's mortals still bother with the precautions their ancestors believed kept them safe.

Before they took you to Faerie, you would have scoffed at the idea of True Fae even existing, let alone the concept of wearing your clothes inside-out to break their enchantments over you. After being imprisoned by your Keeper? Well, you would have tried anything, no matter how silly it sounded, to get out.

Maybe you were camping with your best friends. You unzipped your tent and headed to the bathhouse, but as you walked, the moonlit path narrowed to a scrawny deer trail surrounded by thorny branches. Things snarled at you from the dark, and the branches moved like sentient beings to rip at your clothes and flesh. You fled through the darkness toward the only light you could see, and as you came through the last of the grasping foliage you were blinded by the beauty, the otherworldliness, of Arcadia.

Maybe you were always gifted. A music prodigy, or an artist. The Fae do love the arts. You sat on a bench late one night, waiting for the last train of the evening to come, but you would never make it home. The beautiful young man asked if you wanted a ride - you didn't want to wait there for another half an hour for the train to arrive, did you? - and you heard yourself agree, but it wasn't a motorcycle he pulled you up onto. You found yourself on the back of an ethereal white horse, sitting in a saddle behind the stranger who'd approached you. The loveliness of the mare, of the young man sitting in the saddle before you, his ears now appearing to sharpen to knife-like points at the tips and his eyes cast in a silvery glow, was enough to make you want to weep.

Maybe you were already running. An angry teen hellbent on getting as far away from your parents' most recent fight as you could. It was sunset, and you hopped on your old bike and pedaled to the playground you used to frequent as a young kid. You sat on the bottom of the old slide and lit a cigarette. As the shadows lengthened and your cigarette shortened, you started to notice a weird flicker at the corner of your eye. Every time you turned your head to get a good look at it, it was gone. You never saw what was coming for you until it was far too late.

No matter what brought you through the Hedge and into Faerie, as you took your first deep breaths of Faerie air, you were sure you were no longer on the Earth as you knew it. Colors that had never existed to you assaulted your eyes. Everything here was beautiful. Everything here was terrible. The Summerlands, Arcadia, it was like nothing you could have ever dreamed. It was someplace that could only be truly described to someone who had been there before.

Welcome to your chosen Hell - the world of Changeling the Lost 2E. You have escaped from the land of Faerie and returned to the mortal realm, but you have been irrevocably changed by what you experienced there. Though the world of mortals rattles on as it ever has, it, too, has changed. Or maybe it was always this way. Now that you have the Sight, you can see all the odd things that you never seemed to notice before. As someone with a foot in both worlds, you must tread carefully to navigate mortal life while keeping one step ahead of the Fae. How you handle this tedious balancing act is up to you.

I am looking for players who are active on RPOL and are good writers. I hope to write a beautiful and dreadful story with my players that will lean heavily into folklore and traditional Faerie stories. Expect both horrifying monsters and gorgeous elven beings with terrifying personalities. Faeries who want to play tricks on you, have you solve riddles, and make bargains with you that never seem to work out in your favor. The game is set in the city of Philadelphia in 2021.