• This game is under the Supernatural, Horror & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Pathfinder(Homebrew).
  • This game contains adult content.
A Broken World
How it Starts

In 2029, its only been a few years since it all began. It wasn't war, climate change, or even the pandemic which touched the lives of nearly everyone on the planet that brought the world low. Reports and videos of odd creatures and sightings were nothing new nor were the animal attacks or missing persons that oft went along with. Nor was the suppression of such. For every one true account you had five false created to mask it. The spring of '22 that all change.

New York City was the first. Sweeping up from the depths of the Subway a horde of creatures straight out of a nightmare. Ripping and tearing as they went, all across the city people died in droves. Over a month later and less than half a city left the invasion of New York was suppressed. Though it was the first(to public knowledge), it most certainly wasn't the last. Soon incidents began to be recorded across the world and in greater frequency, pressing resources to the limit and gripping the world in fear.

It was soon revealed the origins of the attacks emanated from deep underground. Large tunnels and cave systems opened up to the world above from which the various creatures came from. Dungeons as they had come to be referred began to appear across every continent and with them change. The scientific community referred to the phenomena as subjective reality events. Everyone else just called it magic.

As the years went by life changed. Survival and constant fighting transitioned into a more normal setting as people began to capitalize on the these dungeons. Defense forces were being supported by adventurers, those willing to explore the dungeons. A whole new market was born.

With the passage of time things have moved on and the fear of these monster attacks has waned and new struggles have arisen. Food and job shortages have become common place. Rolling power outages have become the norm. The necessities have been maintained though innovation has fallen dramatically with the need just to maintain.

Now begins a new era, one dependent on the wealth of opportunity dwelling with the dungeons of the world.

Individuals begin in the outskirts of Lansing Michigan(a semi rural area of the USA).