• This game is under the Superhuman genre.
  • The game system is Masks: A New Generation.
  • This game contains mature content.
Masks of New Atlantis
It is the year 2001 in a world of strange wonders and uncanny powers.

New Atlantis is the City of Hope. The island on which it stands was created from nothing by superheroes in the wake of World War Three and the Cylien Invasion to accommodate refugees and idealists alike. The founders and their allies intended this independent futuristic city-state as a sanctuary to all, a neutral ground exempt from the resumed Cold War between East and West, and an example to the rest of humanity. Despite setbacks and compromises, they have come some way towards those goals. Yet there may be trouble even in Paradise and New Atlantis is still far short of that.

Many of the founders have since stepped back into the background, shifted focus to their other projects, or vanished entirely. In their absence, many perils emerged. The Free State has not proved immune to corruption. The unscrupulous corporations and criminal groups of the Mainlands have found their way onto the island, while others have grown on its soil. Loftier conspiracies and factions from the rival blocs have set their eyes on it as well. So have forces not of this world. Then there are good old-fashioned supervillains, whose means can be as idiosyncratic as their aims. That might make them the greatest threat of all.

Now, at the beginning of the new millennium, a new generation of heroes has risen to the challenge of keeping all those menaces at bay. Its members are among the first citizens to be younger than the city itself. They may share its founding ideals, they may just think of it as home, or they may have some other reason, but either way, they have joined the fight. What will become of them and of their city in the 21st Century? Play to find out.