• This game is under the Fantasy, Survival & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Adventures in Middle Earth.
  • This game contains mature content.
Seven Against Moria
"Array for action-all to rise in aid
Of city, shrines, and altars of all powers
Who guard our land; that ne'er, to end of time,
Be blotted out the sacred service due
To our sweet mother-land and to her brood.
For she it was who to their guest-right called
Your waxing youth, was patient of the toil,
And cherished you on the land's gracious lap,
Alike to plant the hearth and bear the shield
In loyal service, for an hour like this."

Aeschylus, The Seven Against Thebes, ln 16-25

"Bah!" scoffed Bofur.  "The elves?  We cannot trust to the elves, Dori!"

The two sat in the parlor of Bofur's filigreed manse in the Upper Halls of Erebor, a testament to his wealth and station at the head of a small merchant empire.  He gestured with his pipe "And you know this; wisely, you agree.  But how you think that heading south and then through Mirkwood at the Old Forest Road would make sense - Folly!"

"Come now, Bofur!" It was Dori's turn to chide.  "I have not build my wealth through idleness - my empire goes south and east - but were we to combine our efforts, the Long Marsh could be tamed, and your route to the east would be out from under the shadow of the Grey Mountains, with no risk of Ork or Goblin - or worse - until crossing the Misty Mounts, that is.  There's risk to everything, but it is together that we profit the most..."

Their arguments - started months ago - continue anew tonight.  On which course of action will they decide?

The time is a scant 8 years after the Battle of Five Armies - T.A. 2949 - and the mild and wet springtime indicates another great summer and bountiful harvest.  All the lands around Erebor seem to be thriving after the defeat of the orc and goblin hordes and the fall of Smaug.

And the two greatest merchants of the Company Of Thorin - Bofur and Dori - are recruiting for similar tasks - rebuilding some of the way stations along the trade routes.

What could go awry when the Free Peoples of the Middle Earth put their hearts, minds, and backs together?

You may be a young veteran of the Battle of Five Armies, or a more recent resident of Erebor, but you are here in the late sunshine of Third Age, and you have hope (mostly) undimmed.

Because while we all know about the creeping growth of the Shadow before it leaps into gravest war - in 2949, a full Seventy (70!) years before the War of the Ring and the Fall of Sauron - your character does not.

In this 'Adventures of Middle Earth' game, a hybrid of D&D's 5e & the Tolkien world, you will play a young dwarf residing Erebor, about to embark on a lifetime of adventures...