• This game is under the Apocalyptic, Frontier/Western & Survival genres.
  • The game system is Home-brewed.
After the Fall
The Earth is no more. The last humans old enough to remember setting foot on its soil have been dead and gone for a thousand years. The only remnants of humanities birthplace are small asteroids scattered throughout the known universe. The only knowledge of earths demise is that a world war destroyed it. Using some old tech, it’s nations accidentally  shattered the earth’s core in an attempt to eradicate their enemies. Millions made it off-planet in primitive shuttles and the then experimental “seed crafts”, while billions perished on the surface. Most of those that survived the initial exodus ended up dying in space, with no way to support their crews and passengers on long trips in space. A handful of seed craft found ways to survive. They discovered ways to use their experimental tech to reuse resources and eventually, after generations, they discovered how to upgrade it with the ability to travel at faster-than-light speeds. This opened the human race up to the possibility of real, long-term survival. The rest is history.

Now, the human race wanders the stars. Hundreds of settlements dot the galaxy, now home to trillions of souls from dozens of different species. With no real cohesive government and so much of the galaxy still undiscovered, the mining of valuable  resources and founding of colonies are popular missions for many crews. For those looking for a quicker path to prosperity, piracy, smuggling, and raiding are the go to. Engineers, doctors, entertainers, pilots, mercenaries. No matter the profession, there is always a demand somewhere...