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17:58, 18th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Zolee Chronicles

You were just minding your own business, living a normal life filled with normal things like college or work, when you heard a strange noise come from your empty bedroom. Investigating, you saw yourself standing there, with an excited expression on their face and dressed rather strangely. "Hi," they said, sounding just like you, "I'm here to help."

After giving you a moment to gather yourself, they explained they were traveling the multiverse empowering every version of themselves/yourself they could find. There was something coming and every reality needed to be safe. And so with that, you were endowed with more power than anyone else on the planet and after waiting a few seconds to make sure you survived the change and made sure you understood how they all worked, the other you gave a polite nod and disappeared, likely off to find another you in another reality and do the whole thing again.

So now here you are, a normal person with superpowers in a world where such things are thought the realm of comic books and movies. Maybe you want to use them to fight crime like fictional superheroes do, or simply lay low and help where you can, or even do what you can to make your own life easier. But whatever your goals, you still have a life to live.

The game will focus on an individual who has gained powers beyond mortal means, in a world where the strongest people are at the Olympics and the only mutations are painful defects. I also intend the game to be more of a slice of life as they deal with both having powers and what to do with them, than the normal game about a superhero bouncing from fight to fight.