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Doherti tends to be more comfortable out in the wilds as there he meets fewer people who say "Hey, don't I know you?" or offer him insult or praise he hasn't personally earned. But he also has a knack for the hunt and for taking advantage of the terrain and wildlife, and there's a lot of good that can be done, given the freedom to act offered by unsettled lands.

But it's hard to do much of anything on one's own, so he goes where go those who support him and accept his support, whether into sumptuous halls or hellish caverns, or anywhere in between. The danger varies surprisingly little across that spectrum.

Name  : Doherti
Class : Ranger
Race  : Half-elf

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Level : 1st Modifier Modifier + Level STR: 16 +3 +4 CON: 14 +2 +3 DEX: 16 +3 +4 INT: 11 +0 +1 WIS: 13 +1 +2 CHA: 10 +0 +1 Armor Class (AC): 18 Physical Defense (PD): 15 Mental Defense (MD): 14 Save Bonuses Hit Points Recoveries Recovery Roll Current 27 Maximum 27 + INITIATIVE: +4 Racial Power Surprising: OPB, subtract one from one of my die rolls. One Unique Thing People claim to encounter Doherti in places he could not have been. Icon Relationships Emperor: 1 Pos Elf Queen: 1 Pos Crusader: 1 Pos Class Features (if any) Powers & Spells Terrain Stunt Class Talents 1. Tracker: +5 to Tracker background, terrain stunt (usually OPB) 2. Archery: OPB, reroll a missed ranged attack 3. Double ranged attack: Default option is to make a double ranged attack. Backgrounds (8) +5 Wilderness Guide (aka Tracker) +1 Honorary Tribesman +1 Livestock Driver +1 Caravan Scout +1 Military Recon +1 Watchtower Sniper +1 Wrestled a Bear +1 Alpine Expedition Leader +1 Survivalist Feats 1 Can use terrain stunt in urban environments. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Basic Melee Attack ATTACK 4 HIT W+3 MISS 1 Basic Ranged Attack ATTACK 4 HIT W+3 MISS 1 Equipment GP: Magic Items