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01:22, 13th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Thorgrim Stonefriend

Dwarf King +2 (positive): Thorgrim is a paladin of Hyemgald the Deep, god of the unyielding bedrock that all the world rests on. He fought bravely along with the Dwarf King's warriors, seeking to embody the stalwart courage of his deity. Possibly through divine intervenion, he was the only one of his scouting party to return from exploring a lost city deep beneath the earth, once populated by the dark elves but long since abandoned. He also managed to bring back three stone tablets of ancient elven lore to present to the King, for which accomplishment he was celebrated and granted the honour of adding the royal crest to his armour.

Elf Queen +1 (negative): Later, on another patrol, Thorgrim was approached by a group of elves wanting him to describe the strange sights he had seen in the lost city. Thorgrim of course refused, and when the elves moved to withdraw, one of them insulted his ancestors. Naturally, that meant that Thorgrim had to kill him - but later on, it turned out that the insolent elf had been the Elf Queen's favourite nephew, causing some diplomatic strain between the kingdoms. Thorgrim was discreetly encouraged to go adventuring for a few years until things calmed down.

Unique thing: In Puteo Veritas - his visit to the lost elven city unlocked something in Thorgrim. When very drunk, he tends to make strange utterances about things he shouldn't know anything about. When he sobers up he can't remember why he said them, but they often turn out to be completely true.